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Cambridge, ON


Cambridge, ON


By Appointment Only


So, you want to build a performance car... 

 Owning a modified vehicle can be a lot of fun, you get looks, honks, people wanting to race you. On the other hand, owning a modified car can be rage inducing frustration.  

Here at JAE Innovations, we love taking older vehicles and giving them a second life and giving our clients cars they can enjoy, hopefully for the long haul. 

With that being said please read through the below for what to expect when building and owning a vehicle we have worked on: 

For any modified vehicle it is not a matter of ‘if’ there will be problems, it is a matter of when. Any car designed to be driven hard will have failures, especially vehicles that are now 20+ years old. The cars, while a lot of fun will never feel like a new car and will have car specific quirks due to age. JAE Innovations is not responsible for any of these issues.  

We take pride in all of our builds and do everything in our power to make sure the car performs its best before leaving us, including road testing. Once the vehicle is returned to you, JAE Innovations can no longer be held liable for any problems that may occur as there are too many factors outside of our control. Any issues that do arise will be addressed on a case-by-case basis and if we can help, we will (there may be additional costs).  

JAE Innovations is a small shop, with a small number of employees. We take our time with builds and cannot guarantee any timeline. We cannot take responsibility for any delays due to part shortages, improperly supplied parts from the customer, problems/failures due to work from 3rd party vendors and unforeseen issues with the vehicle that extend the original scope of the build. That being said our builds take a minimum of 6 months, but most vehicles are with us for 1 year.  

There will be additional charges for any work done on the vehicle that was not in the original quote. We will get approval from you before doing any work not previously discussed.  

Once the work on your vehicle is complete you have 10 days to pick it up (unless we have agreed otherwise). After the 10 days you will be charged a $10/day storage fee.  


  • We street and dyno tune depending on the vehicle and power goals. 
  • Every car is different and it can take time to get the tune right, we do not rush anything we do and will not return the car until we are satisfied.  
  • If you bring the car to us and it is not in tunable condition, you will need to immediately take the vehicle back and fix any issues and rebook OR you can take the vehicle back and rebook to have us do the necessary work and tune the vehicle at the same time.  
  • Tuning services are NOT a lifetime subscription. Once the tune is finished and the car is returned to you any changes you may want to make down the line will result in a new charge (unless discussed previously).
  • If your vehicle has been flashed with a base tune with the expectation that you will resolve any issues with the car in order to complete the tune, it must be completed within a reasonable time frame. This will be discussed before we return the car and if not completed will result in a secondary charge to finish the tune.